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Get to this event, if you can!

Once again I was impressed with the "What Career Live? What University Live?" event last week at Olympia, London. With almost 50 companies and a similar number of universities represented, this was a great chance for young people to learn about the variety of opportunities available.

I was one of several people offering individual interviews, and on Friday and Saturday I spoke with over 60 young people in these sessions. As at the similar event in the NEC Birmingham in March 2017, there was a variety of issues raised, but again the main interest was in hearing more about Degree and Higher Apprenticeships. It is disappointing to many of us that more employers haven't become committed to offering more opportunities to school/college leavers, as there is clearly demand for this debt-free progression. If politicians were able to improve incentives for employers to offer these apprenticeships to new recruits (in addition to using them to retrain their existing workforce), I think that the electorate would reward them!

If you can, I urge you to take advantage of the forthcoming "What Career Live? What University Live?" event in NEC Birmingham (1-2 March) or Liverpool (22-23 March)

as a great place to get up to date information on the rapidly changing world of employment and Higher Education.

In case you're wondering about my comments here or elsewhere, I'm not paid by any company or university to make recommendations, and this website is deliberately kept free of advertisements.

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