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MPs' Education Committee supports my suggestions!

I am delighted to see that the House of Commons' Select Committee on Education has produced a report today with recommendations very much in keeping with suggestions on this website. "Value for money in higher education" includes such recommendations as: - the growth of Degree Apprenticeships should be prioritised (see my Step 51); - universities should state their policies on contextual offers (see my Step 6 for an explanation of these); - universities should give better information on graduate outcomes (see my Step 24).

My only disagreement is on the importance that the Committee attaches to an improved Teaching Excellence Framework. As I suggest in Step 26, I think the methodology of the TEF is flawed.

The Committee states that "Students lack sufficient high-quality information to make informed choices about higher education". I hope that the Committee would recognise that this website is 71 steps in the right direction!

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