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No A Level Maths or Physics needed for Engineering: new uni. promises radical approach to teaching

NMiTENew Model in Technology and Engineering is an initiative inspired by Olin College of Engineering in the USA (est. 1997) and backed by the UK government, educators (including the Universities of Bristol and Warwick) and industry, to transform engineering education in Britain. Located in Hereford, it will admit its first Integrated Engineering students in September 2019. They will complete an MEng degree programme in 3 years by working 46 weeks p.a.. Their “inquiry-based learning” approach will dispense with lectures and involve collaborative learning in small groups. The most radical initiative is dispensing with the requirement for Maths and Physics A Level: each student will be given appropriate support. A group of about 25 people in a “Design Cohort” is “test-driving” the learning methods and the campus from September 2018.

NMiTE website: Dame Fiona Kendrick, Chair of the NMiTE Board, was interviewed today on Radio 4’s “The Today Programme” (7.21-7.23am) Elena Rodriguez-Falcon, Provost, wrote an article in the “New Statesman” on 11 July 2018:

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