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for 2019 entry

Choice of universities:
Russell Group and ex-1994 Group and some others, including those with the highest entrance requirements.

Source of information: 2019 entry prospectuses.

For requirements in points rather than grades, A Level grade A*=56, A=48, B=40, C=32, D=24, E=16.

For further details, see the UCAS website:

University Entrance Requirements: About


University Entrance Requirements : A Levels

Birmingham                Money, Bank + Fin                             AAA
KCL                            Acc + Fin                                            AAA (Ma)
Leeds                          Acc + Fin*/Bank + Fin                       AAA
LSE                             Acc + Fin                                            AAA
Manchester                  Accounting*                                       AAA
Queen Mary                Acc + Mgt                                           AAA
Strathclyde                  Accounting                                         AAA (Ma)
Warwick                      Acc + Fin*$                                        AAA (Ma/FMa A)
Bath                            Acc + Fin$                                          AAA/A*AB (Ma A)
Bristol                         Acc + Fin*                                          AAA/A*AB(-ABB) (Ma A)
Glasgow                      Accy + Fin                                          AAA/A*AB(-ABB) (Ma)

City                             Acc + Fin*/Bank+IntFin/Inv+Fin Risk AAA-AAB+EPQ
Exeter                          Acc + Fin                                            AAA-AAB

Reading                       Acc+Bus(PwC)/ Acc + Fin/Fin+InvBa AAA-AAB
Birmingham                Acc + Fin                                            AAB
Cardiff                        Acc + Fin*/Bank+Fin                         AAB
Durham                       Acc + Fin                                            AAB
Lancaster                     Acc + Fin*$                                        AAB
Liverpool                     Acc + Fin                                            AAB
Manchester                  Acc + Fin BAEcon                             AAB  
Newcastle                   BusAcc + Fin(PwC)/Acc + Fin          AAB
Nottingham                 Accountancy(PwC)/FinAcc + Mgt     AAB
Queen’s Belfast          Accounting                                         AAB
Surrey                          Acc + Fin                                            AAB
York                            Acc,BusFin + Mgt                              AAB
Edinburgh                   Acc + Fin                                            AAB-ABB
Loughborough            Acc + FinMgt                                     AAB-ABB
Northumbria                Accounting                                         AAB-ABB
Royal Holloway          Acc + Fin                                            AAB-ABB
SOAS                          Acc + Fin                                            AAB-ABB
Southampton               Acc + Fin                                            AAB-ABB
Sussex                         Acc + Fin                                            AAB-ABB
Aston                          Acc for Mgt/Finance                           ABB                           
East Anglia                 Acc + Fin                                            ABB
Kent                            Acc + Fin                                            ABB

Leicester                      Acc + Fin/Bank+Fin BA/BSc            ABB (Ma for BSc)
Queen’s Belfast          Finance                                                ABB (Ma)

Sheffield                     Acc + FinMgt                                     ABB

Strathclyde                  Finance                                                ABB-BBB (Ma)

Swansea                      Acc + Fin                                            ABB-BBB

Aberdeen                    Accy + Fin (Yr1)                                BBB
Aberystwyth               Acc + Fin                                            BBB
Brunel                         Fin + Acc/Bank + Fin                         BBB (Ma)
Essex                           Acc + Fin/Bank + Fin                         BBB
Heriot-Watt                 Accy + Fin (Yr1)                                BBB
Stirling                        Accy + Fin (Yr1)                                BBB
Dundee                       BusMgt (Acc/Fin) (Yr1)                     BBB(-BCC)

Bradford                     Acc + Fin                                            BBB/120
Nottingham Trent       Acc + Fin                                            BBB/120

Oxford Brookes          Acc + Fin                                            BBB/120
Brighton                      Acc + Fin                                            BBB-CCC
Bangor                        Acc + Fin/Bank                                   120

Bristol UWE               Acc + Fin/Bank + Fin                         120

Kingston                     Acc + Fin (3yr SW)                            120 (min. 2 A Levels)

Plymouth                     Acc + Fin                                            120 (min. 2 A Levels)

Sheffield Hallam         Acc + Fin                                            120 (64 from 2 A Levels)

Bournemouth              Acc + Fin (BA + MAccFin)               120-112

Portsmouth                  Acc with Fin                                       120-112

Salford                        Acc + Fin                                            120-112

Winchester                  Acc + Fin/Bank + Fin                         120-112

Keele                           Acc + Fin                                            BBC

Gloucestershire           Acc + Fin*                                          BBC/112

Hull                             Accy + FinMgt                                   112

Solent                          Accy + Fin                                          112

Manchester Met.         Acc + Fin/Bank + Fin                         112-104


* = ICAEW Undergraduate Partnership Programme: Bristol, Cardiff, City, Gloucestershire, Lancaster, Leeds, Manchester & Warwick.
§ = Yr1 students may apply for EY Scholarship (placements + £15k)

University Entrance Requirements: About


University Entrance Requirements : A Levels

N.B. The grades below are for programmes which include a year in America, when this is offered.

A Level                                                          

Birmingham                AAB-ABB                                                     

Manchester                  AAB-ABB (1 essay-based subject : e.g., Eng./Hist./Pol.)                                         

Sussex                         AAB-ABB                                                     

Kent                            ABB                                                               

Leicester                      ABB                                                   

Nottingham                 ABB                                                               

East Anglia                 ABB-BBB (Eng./Hist. or related subject)                             

Northumbria                ABB-BBB                                                     

Essex                           BBB (inc. essay subject)                                

Swansea                      BBB                                       

Keele                           BBB/ABC                                                     

Hull                             120

Winchester                  120-104                                  

Portsmouth                  112-96 (min. 2 A Levels)                               

University Entrance Requirements: About


University Entrance Requirements : A Levels

Cambridge                  (Hum.,Soc.&Pol.Scis.) A*AA (essay-based subject useful) 

Oxford                        (Arch.& Anth.) AAA (combination of arts + science subjects useful)                     

UCL                            AAA (prefer 1 sci.)                

Durham                       AAB

LSE                             AAB

St. Andrews                AAB                                                  

Bristol                         AAB(-BBB)                                      

Exeter                          AAB-ABB                                         

SOAS                          AAB-ABB                                         

Sussex                         AAB-ABB                                         

Birmingham                (Arch. & Anth.) ABB                        

Brunel                         ABB                                                   

East Anglia                 (Arch., Anth. & Art Hist.) ABB        


Edinburgh                   (Social Anthropology) ABB                                     

Kent                            ABB (Bio. Anth.: 1 sci., pref. Bio)    

Manchester                  ABB                                                   


Queen’s, Belfast         ABB                                                   

Southampton               (Arch.& Anth.) ABB-BBB               

Aberdeen                    (Yr1) BBB                                         

Goldsmiths                  BBB                                                   

Dundee                        (Yr1)(Forensic Anthropology) BBB(-BCC) (Bio.)   

Liverpool                     (Evolutionary Anthropology) BBB-BBCa(EPQ)     

Plymouth                     120 (min. 2 A Levels)

Bournemouth              120-104                                              

Winchester                  120-104

Bradford                     (Forensic Archaeology + Anthropology) 112/BBC

Oxford Brookes          112/BBC                                                        

Roehampton                112                                                    


Univ. of Wales,
Trinity St David

(Lampeter)                  individual                   

University Entrance Requirements: About


University Entrance Requirements : A Levels

Cambridge                  A*AA                                                

Oxford                        (Arch. & Anth.) AAA (combination of arts + science subjects helpful)                                                                                                                              (Class.Arch. & AH) AAA (classical lang./CC/AH helpful)  

Durham                       AAB                                                 

KCL                            AAB  

Queen’s, Belfast         (MSci) AAB                                      


Bristol                         (Arch. & Anth.) AAB(-BBB)            


Glasgow                      (MA) AAB(-BBB) (1 arts/humanities/lang.)             

                                    (BSc) AAB(-BBB) (1 sci.)                 

SOAS                          (Hist. of Art & Archaeol.) AAB-ABB          

Southampton               (MArc/BSc) AAB-ABB (1 sci.)        


Exeter                          AAB-BBB                                         

Birmingham                (Jt. Hons.) ABB                                 

East Anglia                 (Arch., Anth. & Art Hist.) ABB        

Edinburgh                   ABB                                                                                                               

Manchester                  ABB                                       

UCL                            ABB                                       

Warwick                      (AH & Class. Arch.) ABB                

Newcastle                   ABB-BBB                                         

Nottingham                 ABB-BBB (BSc: 1 sci.)                     

Reading                       ABB-BBB (1 sci. for BSc)                

Southampton               (BA) ABB-BBB                                            

York                            ABB-BBB                                         


Aberdeen                    (Yr1) BBB (BSc: incl. 2 scis.)           

Kent                            (Classical + Arch. Sts.) BBB             

Leicester                      BBB                                                   

Queen’s, Belfast         (BA/BSc) BBB                                  

Sheffield                     BBB                                                  

Liverpool                     BBB-BBCa(EPQ)

Cardiff                        BBB-BCC (BSc: sci. preferred)                                            

Hull                             (Hist. + Archaeol.) 120 (80 from 2 A Levels)           


Bangor                        (Heritage, Archaeol. + Hist.) 120-112 (Hist. preferred)                                            

Bournemouth              120-104                                              

Winchester                  (BA/BSc Arch.) 120-104 (1 sci. C for BSc)  

Bradford                     BBC/112                                                                                

Winchester                  (Archaeol. Practice) 112-96               


Univ. of Wales,
Trinity St David
(Lampeter)                  individual                                                                                                       


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University Entrance Requirements: About


University Entrance Requirements : A Levels

N.B. The vast majority of these unis. will need a portfolio of art/design work.

                                    A Level                                              

Bath                            A*AA (preferably Ma./Ph. + Art/DT)                                              

Cambridge                  A*AA (Ma./Ph. - some colls.; Art better preparation than DT)        


Cardiff                        AAA (preferably balance in Art/Design with other sci./Ma. or humanities)                                    

Leeds                          (MEng/BEng) AAA (Ma.)       [N.B not RIBA-accredited]

Manchester/                 AAA  

Manchester Met.

Newcastle                   AAA                                                  

Nottingham                 AAA (arts-based subject preferred)

Sheffield                     AAA                                                  

Liverpool                     AAA-AABa(EPQ)                                                    

Northumbria                AAA-AAB                                                    

Edinburgh                   AAA-ABB                                        

Bristol UWE               144                                                     

Birmingham City        AAB                                      

Coventry                     AAB                                                  

Kent                            AAB                                                  

Loughborough *          AAB (mix of sci., art + humanities preferred) )        

Queen’s, Belfast         AAB

UCL                            AAB                                                  

Uni. of Arts (C St Martin’s) AAB     

Westminster                AAB                                                  


Huddersfield               AAB/136                                                                   

Oxfd. Brookes            AAB/136 (preferably Art/DT)                                                           

De Montfort                136 (from 2 A Levels)                       

Brighton                      AAB-BBB     

Portsmouth                  136-120                                              

Wolverhampton*        AAC

Arts Uni. at Bournemouth  ABB (1 A Level in “related creative subject”)                                      

Glasgow Sch. of Art   ABB   

Greenwich                   ABB (Art + Design generally required at GCSE and/or A Level)                                                                                        

Kingston                     128 (min. 2 A Levels)                        

Leeds Beckett             128                 

Liverpool J Moores     128                                                     

Plymouth                     128 (min. 2 A Levels)                                                            

Sheffield Hallam         128

Uni. for Creative Arts 128                             


Reading*                     ABB-BBB                                         

Strathclyde                  (Yr1) ABB-BBB (incl. Ma./Ph.)                                                                   

East London               BBB (Art + Design)   

London Met.               BBB (1 Art/hum./soc.sci.)

Norwich Uni. of Arts*? BBB (1 art, design or media-related)

Ulster                          BBB (Art + Design)                                       

Nottingham Trent       BBB/120                                

C. Lancashire              120                 

Dundee                       BBB(-BCC)                                       

Falmouth*                   120-104

London South Bank    BBC

Robert Gordon            BBC (Ma./sci. + preferably Art)                   

Lincoln                        BBC/112

Anglia Ruskin*           112 (2 A levels minimum)

Hertfordshire*            112     

Salford                        112 (mixture of sci., maths., humanities + arts subjects preferred)  

Hull College                96                                                       

            * New degree programme. Not yet fully accredited by RIBA.

Choice of universities: all UK univ.-based RIBA-accredited schools.

University Entrance Requirements: About


University Entrance Requirements : A Levels

Cambridge                  (Natural Scis.) A*A*A (Che. + 1-2 scis.)

Oxford                        A*AA (Che. + 1 sci.; A* in Ma./Phy./Che./Bio. or closely related subject; 
                                    Ma. recommended)

Imperial                       A*AA-AAA (Che. + Bio./Phy./Ma.)

Exeter                          (MSci) A*AA-AAB (Che. + Bio.)

Cardiff                        (MBiochem) AAA (Bio./Che.)

Birmingham                (MSci) AAA (Che. + 1 sci.)   

Lancaster                     (MSci) AAA (Che. + Bio./Ma./Phy.)

Leeds                          (MBiol) AAA (Che. + 1 sci.) 

Loughborough            (MSci) AAA (Che. + 1 sci.)   

UCL                            (MSci/BSc) AAA (Che. + Bio. + Ma.)

Bristol                         (MSci/BSc) AAA/A*AB(-AAC/ABB) (Che. A + 1 sci.)      

Bath                            AAA/A*AB (Che. + Bio. A)

Leeds                          (BSc) AAA-AAB (Che. + 1 sci.)

Newcastle                   (MSci/BSc) AAA-AAB (Bio./Che. + Bio./Che./Ma./FMa./Ph./Psy.)

Queen’s Belfast          (MSci) AAA (Che. + Ma./Phy./AS Bio.) – AAB (Che. + Bio.)

Sheffield                     (MBiolSci/BSc) AAA-AAB (2 scis.)

Sussex                         (MSci) AAA-AAB (Che. + Bio.)

Warwick                      (MBio) AAA (Che. + Ma./Phy./Stats.) - AAB (Che. + Bio.)

York                            (MBiochem/BSc) AAA-AAB (Che. + 1 sci.)

Edinburgh                   (BSc) (Yr1) AAA-ABB (Che. + Bio.; A in Bio./Che./Ma./Phy.)

Manchester                  (MSci/BSc) AAA-ABB (2 of Che./Bio./Ma./Phy.)

Birmingham                (BSc) AAB (Che. + 1 sci.)

East Anglia                 (MSci) AAB (Che. + 1 sci.)

KCL                            (MSci/BSc) AAB (Che. + Bio.)         

Lancaster                     (BSc) AAB (Che. + Bio./Ma./Phy.)

Loughborough            (BSc) AAB (Che. + 1 sci.)

Nottingham                 AAB (Che. + 1 sci.)

Queen Mary                (MSci) AAB (Che.)

St Andrews                 (Yr1) (MBiochem/BSc) AAB (Bio. + Che.)

Southampton               (MBiochem/BSc) AAB (Che. + 1 sci.)

Swansea                      (MSci) AAB (Che. + 1 sci., usually Bio.)

Nottingham Trent       (MBiol) AAB/136 (Bio. A + Che./Ma./Phy. B)

Dundee                       (MSci/BSc) (Yr2) AAB(-ABB) (Che. + Bio.)

Glasgow                      AAB(-BBB) (Bio./Che.)

Cardiff                        (BSc) AAB (Bio./Che. A) – AAB-ABB (Bio. + 1 sci.)

Exeter                          (BSc) AAB-ABB (Che. + Bio.)

Leicester                      (BSc) AAB-ABB (2 of Bio.(pref.)/Che./Phy./Ma.)

Sussex                         (BSc) AAB-ABB (Che. + Bio.)

Warwick                      (BSc) AAB (Che. + Ma./Ph./Stats.) - ABB (Che. + Bio.)

Swansea                      (BSc) AAB-BBB (Che. + 1 sci., usually Bio.)

Aberdeen                    (MSci) (Yr1) ABB (Che. + Bio.)

Keele                           (BSc) ABB (Che. + 1 sci.)

Queen Mary                (BSc) ABB (Che.)

Surrey                          (BSc) ABB (Che./Bio. + 1 sci.)         

Swansea                      (MSci) ABB (Che. + 1 sci., usually Bio.)

Liverpool                     (BSc) ABB-BBBa(EPQ) (Che. + Bio.)

Aberystwyth               (MBiol) ABB-BBB (Che. + Bio. B)

Aston                          (BSc) ABB-BBB (Che. + Bio.)

Queen’s Belfast          (BSc) ABB (Che. + Ma./Phy./AS Bio.) – BBB (Che. + Bio.)
Reading                       (BSc) ABB-BBB (Che. + Bio.)

Royal Holloway          (BSc) ABB-BBB (Che. + Bio.)

Strathclyde                  (MSci) (Yr1) ABB-BBB (Che. + Bio. B)
                                    (BSc) (Yr1) ABB-BBB (2 scis., incl. Che. or Bio.)

Aberdeen                    (BSc) (Yr1) BBB (2 scis.)

East Anglia                 (BSc) BBB (Che. + 1 sci.)

Kent                            (BSc) BBB (Che. + Bio./Appl.Sci. Double Award BB)

Nottingham Trent       (BSc) BBB/120 (Bio. B)

Aberystwyth               (BSc) BBB-BBC (Che. B)

Hull                             (MBiochem) 120 (Bio. + Che. C - Appl.Sci. may be considered)

Salford                        (BSc) 120-104 (Bio. + Che. C)

Hull                             (BSc) 112 (Bio. + Che. C - Appl.Sci. may be considered)

Portsmouth                  (BSc) 112 (3 A levels, incl. Che. + Bio., B from 1)

Sheffield Hallam         (MSci/BSc) 112 (Che. + Bio., 1 at C)

Essex                           (BSc) BCC (Che. + 1 sci.)

Kingston                     (BSc) 104 (Bio./Che. + 1 sci. C)

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University Entrance Requirements: About


University Entrance Requirements : A Levels

Cambridge                  (Nat. Scis.) A*A*A (Bio. + 1-2 scis.)            

Oxford                        A*AA (Bio.;+ 1 sci. helpful;sci. A*)


Exeter                          (MSci) A*AA-AAB (Bio. + 1 sci.)

Birmingham                (MSci) AAA (Bio. + 1 sci.)               

Cardiff                        (MBiol) AAA (Bio./Chem.)   

Durham                       (MBiol/BSc) AAA (Bio./Chem. + 1 sci.)        

Imperial                       AAA (Bio. + Chem./Ma./Ph.)            

Leeds                          (MBiol) AAA (Bio. + 1 sci.)             


Loughborough            (MSci) AAA (Bio. + 1 sci.)   

Sheffield                     (MBiolSci) AAA (Bio. + 1 sci.)        

UCL                            AAA (Bio. + Chem./Ma./Ph.)            

Bath                            AAA/A*AB (Bio. A + 1 sci.)                        

Bristol                         (MSci) AAA(-ABB) (2 scis.)             

Lancaster                     (MSci) AAA (2 scis.)                                     

Leeds                          (BSc) AAA-AAB (Bio. + pref. 1 sci.)           


Queen’s, Belfast         (MSci) AAA(Bio)-AAB (Bio+1sci. from Chem./Geog./Ma./Phy., pref. Chem.)   

Sussex                         (MSci) AAA-AAB (1 of Bio/Chem./Ph.)      

Warwick              (MBiol) AAA (Bio.) -AAB (Bio.+Chem./Ma./FMa./ Geol./Phy./Appl.Sc./Env.Sc./Stats.)                       

York                            (MBiol/BSc) AAA-AAB (Bio. + 1 sci.)        

Edinburgh                   (BSc) (Yr1) AAA-ABB (Bio. + Chem.; Bio./Chem./Ma./Ph. A)                 

Manchester                  (MSci/BSc) AAA-ABB (2 of Bio/Ch/Ma/Ph)           


Birmingham                (BSc) AAB (Bio. + 1 sci.)                 


East Anglia                 (MSci) AAB (Bio.)                            

Lancaster                     (BSc) AAB (2 scis.)

Loughborough            (BSc) AAB (Bio. + 1 sci.)

Nottingham                 (MSci/BSc) AAB (Bio. + 1 sci.)        

St Andrews                 (MBiol/BSc) (Yr1) AAB (Bio.+Ch./Ma./Ph.)                       

Sheffield                     (BSc) AAB (Bio. + 1 sci.)

Southampton               (MSci/BSc) AAB (Bio. + 1 sci.)                                            

Dundee                       (MSci/BSc) (Yr2) AAB(-ABB) (Bio. + Chem.)       

Bristol                         (BSc) AAB(-BBB) (2 scis.)

Glasgow                      (MSci/BSc) AAB(-BBB) (Bio./Chem.)                                             

Cardiff                        AAB (Bio./Chem. A) – AAB-ABB (Bio. + 1 sci.)

Liverpool                     (MBiol) AAB-ABBa(EPQ) (Bio. + 1 sci., pref. Chem.)       

Exeter                          (BSc) AAB-ABB (Bio. + 1 sci.)                    

Leicester                      (BSc) AAB-ABB (2 fr.Bio pref./Ch/Ph/Ma)

Newcastle                   (MBiol/BSc) AAB-ABB (Bio. +  usu.1 sci.;  pref. Chem. A/AS)                 

Sussex                         (BSc) AAB-ABB (1 of Bio/Chem./Ph.)        

Warwick                      (BSc) AAB (Bio.)-ABB (Bio.+Chem./Ma./FMa./Phy./Geol./Appl.Sc./Env.Sc./Stats.)

Bangor                        (MBiology/BSc) 136-112 (Bio. + usually 1 sci.)      

Aberdeen                    (MSci) ABB (Bio. + Chem. AB)                               

Keele                           ABB (2 scis., preferably incl. Bio.)                                                               

Queen Mary                ABB (Bio.)                                         

Surrey                          ABB (2 scis., incl. Bio./Chem.)

Oxford Brookes          (MBiol) 128/ABB (pref. Bio., Chem., Ma., Env.Sc., Geog.)

Liverpool                     (BSc) ABB-BBBa(EPQ) (Bio. + 1 sci., pref. Ch.)

Aberystwyth               (MBiol) ABB-BBB (Bio. B)             

Aston                          (MBiol/BSc) ABB-BBB (Bio.)

Northumbria                (BSc) ABB-BBB (Bio. B)     

Reading                       (BSc) ABB-BBB (2 scis. inc. Bio. B)            

Royal Holloway          (BSc) ABB-BBB (Bio.)                                 

Royal Vet. College      (MSci/BSc) ABB(Bio/Ch)-BBB(Bio/Ch + Bio./Chem./Ma./Phy.)   

Swansea                      (BSc) ABB-BBB (Bio.)                                                        

Brighton                      (MSci) ABB-BBC (Bio.)

Plymouth                     (BSc) 128-120 (Bio. B + 1 sci. C)                 

Aberdeen                    (BSc) (Yr1) BBB (2 scis.)                  

Brunel                         (BSc) (Life Scis.) BBB (B in Bio./Chem./Appl.Sc./Ma./Phy.)

East Anglia                 (BSc) BBB (Bio.)

Heriot-Watt                 (BSc) (Yr1) BBB (Bio.)                                             

Kent                            (BSc) BBB (Bio)                                            

Queen’s, Belfast         (BSc) ABB (Bio) - BBB (Bio + 1 of Chem./Geog./Ma./Phy., pref. Chem.)     

Stirling                        (Yr1) BBB (Bio/Ch/Ma/Ph)   

Aberystwyth               (BSc) BBB-BBC (Bio. B)                             

Manchester Met.         (MBiol) 120-112 (Bio.)

Bournemouth              (BSc) 120-104 (1 sci. C)                                

Harper Adams             (BSc) (Applied Bio.) 120-104 (pref. Bio.)

Bath Spa                      (BSc) BBC-CCC (relevant sci., e.g. Bio./Env.Sci., B)

Oxford Brookes          (BSc) 112/BBC (pref. Bio., Chem., Ma., Env.Sc., Geog.)

Portsmouth                  (BSc) 112 (from 3 A Levels, Bio. B)                        

Bristol UWE              (MSci/BSc) 112 (1 sci. C)                                        

Hull                             112 (Bio. C)   

Sheffield Hallam         (BSc) 112 (Bio. C)                 

Kingston                     (BSc) 112-104 (Bio. C + 1 sci.)

Manchester Met.         (BSc) 112-104 (Bio.)                                     

Salford                        (BSc) 112-96 (min. 2 A Levels; Bio. C)                                                                   

Essex                           (BSc) BCC (Bio. B)

Nottingham Trent       (BSc) BCC/104 (Bio. C)

Brighton                      (BSc) BCC-CCC (Bio.)                                                         

N.B.     The courses considered above are Biology/Biological Sciences. There is a higher Chemistry requirement for Molecular Biology & related courses.

University Entrance Requirements: About


University Entrance Requirements : A Levels

Most but not all offer a paid placement year abroad.

Exeter (Exeter)            Flexible Comb. Hons.: Mgt +                         A*AA-AAB
                                    Ar/Chi/Fr/Ger/It/Por/Rus/Spa (w. BSL/Jap) 

Exeter (Cornwall)       Flexible Comb. Hons.: Bus. w. Fr/Sp             A*AA-ABB

St Andrews                 Mgt. + Ar/Fr/Ger/It/Per/Spa                           AAA

Warwick                      Intl. Business (w. Fr/Ger/It/Sp)                      AAA (lang A)

Bristol                         Mgt. w. St. in Cont. Europe                            AAA/A*AB(-ABB)

Bath                            Intl. Mgt. & Mod. Langs.                               AAA(Sp)-AAB(Fr/Ger A)

Reading                       Intl. Mgt. + Bus. Adm. w. Fr/Ger/It/Spa        AAA-AAB

Birmingham                Intl. Bus. w. Lang. (Chi/Fr/Ger/It/Ja/Ru/Sp) AAB

Cardiff                        Bus. Mgt. w. European Lang. (Fr/Ger/Spa)    AAB (lang)

KCL                            Fr/Ger/Spa + Mgt.                                          AAB (Fr/Spa A; Ger B)

Lancaster                     Intl Bus Mgt (Fr/Ger/It/Spa) (double degr.)   AAB

Lancaster                     Mgt. + Fr/Ger/Spa                                           AAB

Newcastle                   Intl. Bus. Mgt. (Chi/Fr/Ger/Spa)                     AAB

Southampton               Bus. Mgt. + Fr/Ger/Spa                                  AAB (lang A)

Surrey                          Bus. Mgt. + Fr/Ger/Spa                                  AAB

Glasgow                      Bus. + Mgt. w. Fr/Ger/It/ Por/Rus/Gael/Spa  AAB(-BBB)

Edinburgh                   (Intl.) Bus. w. Ar/Chi/Fr/Ger/It/Jap/Rus/Spa  AAB-ABB

Edinburgh                   Ar/Fr/Ger/It/Por/Rus/Spa + Bus.                    AAB-ABB

Loughborough            Intl. Business (Fr/Ger/Spa)                             AAB-ABB

Northumbria                Intl. Bus. Mgt. w. Fr/Spa                                AAB-ABB

Royal Holloway          Fr/Ger/It/Spa + Mgt.                                       AAB-ABB

SOAS                          Intl. Mgt.(Chi/Jap/Kor/MENAf)                    AAB-ABB

Sussex                         Intl. Bus. (Ar/Chi/Fre/Ger/It/Jap/Spa/BSL)    AAB-ABB

UCL                            Dutch/It + Mgt. Sts.                                        AAB-ABB

Kent                            Intl. Bus. w. Yr. Abr. (Chi/Fr/Ger/It/Spa)       ABB (Ger C for Germany)

Leicester                      Mgt. w. Fr/It/Spa                                            ABB

Liverpool                     Bus+Fr/Ger/Spa/Bas/Cat/Chi/It                         ABB

Manchester                  Bus&Mgt. + Mod. Lang                                 ABB


Queen’s Belfast          Intl. Bus. w. Mod. Lang                                  ABB


Sheffield                     Chi/Fr/Ger/Jap/Spa/Rus + Bus.Mgt.              ABB

Aston                          Intl. Business + Chi/Fr/Ger/Spa                      ABB-BBB (lang B)

                                    (or 2 langs, inc. Ar/Por)

Newcastle                   Chi/Fr/Ger/Jap/Por/Spa + Bus. Sts                 ABB-BBB (Fr/Ger/Spa)

Strathclyde                  Intl. Bus. + Mod. Langs (Fr/It/Spa)                ABB-BBB (lang B)

                                    (5yr Masters)

Aberdeen                    (Yr1) Intl. Bus. w. Chi/Fr/Ger/Spa/Gaelic      BBB

East Anglia                 Mod. Langs. (Fr/Jap/Spa) w. Mgt Sts            BBB

Essex                           Bus. Mgt. + Mod. Langs (Fr/Ger/It/Por/Spa) BBB

Essex                           Mgt. w. Mandarin                                           BBB

Heriot-Watt                 Intl. Bus. Mgt. & Langs (Chi/Fr/Ger/Spa)     BBB (lang B)

Stirling                        Intl. Mgt. Sts. w. Eur. Langs.&Soc. (Fr/Spa) BBB

Stirling                        Intl. Mgt. & Intercultural Sts                          BBB

                                    (Fr/Ger: double degree)

Dundee                       Intl. Bus. w. Fr/Ger/Spa                                  BBB(-BCC)

Nottingham Trent       Intl. Bus. w. Fr/Ger/Sp + Bach. In(etc)          BBB/120 (Fr/Ger/Spa A)

Oxford Brookes          Bus. Mgt. + Jap                                               BBB/120

Bangor                        Bus. Sts. + Fr/Ger/It/Spa                                 120-104 (lang C)

Aberystwyth               Bus.& Mgt. w. Fre/Ger/Spa/Welsh                BBC

Hull                             Intl. Bus.                                                         112

Sheffield Hallam         Intl Bus w. Fr/Ger/Spa                                    112

Plymouth                     Intl. Bus. w. Fr/Spa                                         96

Please note:

1.  There are other “International Business” courses which do not include a foreign language.
     Beware of titles!

2.  Some of the courses listed above are integrated;
      in others, a student takes courses from 2 departments and gets a Joint Honours degree.

3.  A double degree programme (degree from a UK univ. + degree from univ. abroad) is available at Aston, East Anglia, Lancaster,                           Nottingham Trent and Stirling.           

University Entrance Requirements: About


University Entrance Requirements : A Levels

Most, but not all, offer a paid work placement year in a “sandwich” (SW) degree programme.

KCL                            Business Mgt.                                     A*AA (1 humanity/soc.sci.)

Oxford                        Economics + Mgt.                              A*AA (Ma)
LSE                             Management                                       AAA (Ma)

Queen Mary                Business Mgt.                                     AAA

St Andrews                 Management                                       AAA (BSc: 1 sci.)

UCL                            Management Sci. MSci/BSc               AAA (Ma)

Warwick                      (Intl.) Management                             AAA

Bath                            Business Administration                     AAA/A*AB

Bristol                         Management                                       AAA/A*AB(-ABB)

City                             Business / Mgt.                                   AAA-AAB+EPQ

Exeter (Exeter)            Business + Mgt.                                  AAA-AAB

Reading                       (Intl.) Business + Mgt.                        AAA-AAB

Exeter (Cornwall)       Business                                              AAA-ABB

Birmingham                Business Mgt. (Yr. in Industry)         AAB
Cardiff                        Business Mgt.                                     AAB

Durham                       Business + Mgt.                                  AAB

Lancaster                     Business Mgt. / Intl. Mgt.                   AAB (also double degree prog. with USA)

Leeds                          Business Mgt.                                     AAB

Manchester                  (Int.) Mgt. (with American Bus.Sts.)  AAB

Newcastle                   (Intl.) Business Mgt.                           AAB

Nottingham                 Management                                       AAB

York                            Business + Mgt.                                  AAB
Glasgow                      Business + Mgt.                                  AAB(-BBB) (1 arts/humanities/lang.)

Edinburgh                   Business Mgt.                                     AAB-ABB

Loughborough            Mgt. Scis. / Intl. Business                   AAB-ABB

Northumbria                Business Mgt.                                     AAB-ABB

Royal Holloway          Business + Mgt.                                  AAB-ABB

SOAS                          (Int.) Mgt. (Ch/Jap/Kor/MENAf)       AAB-ABB

Southampton               Business Mgt.                                     AAB-ABB

Sussex                         Business + Mgt. Sts.                           AAB-ABB     

Strathclyde                  BBA (3yrs)                                          AAB-BBB

Aston                          Business + Mgt.                                  ABB

East Anglia                 Business Mgt.                                     ABB

Kent (Canterbury)       Management                                       ABB

Leicester                      Management Sts.                                ABB

Liverpool                     Business Mgt.                                     ABB

Queen’s Belfast          Business Mgt.                                     ABB

Sheffield                     Business Mgt.                                     ABB
Surrey                          Business Mgt.                                     ABB
Nottingham Trent       Business Mgt. (In-Company)             ABB/128
Bournemouth              Business Sts.                                       128-120

Strathclyde                  Intl. Business / Management              ABB-BBB

Swansea                      Business Mgt.                                     ABB-BBB

Aberdeen                    Management Sts. (Yr1)                       BBB

Brunel                         Business + Mgt.                                  BBB

Essex                           Business Mgt.                                     BBB

Goldsmiths                  Mgt. with Marketing/Entrepren.         BBB

Heriot-Watt (Edinb.)   (Intl.) Business Mgt. / BBA (Yr1)      BBB
Kent (Medway)           Business + Mgt. with Yr in Industry  BBB

Stirling                        Business Sts. / Mgt. (Yr1)                  BBB

Bradford                     Business + Mgt.                                  BBB/120

Bristol UWE               Business + Mgt. (BA)                         120

Gloucestershire           Business Mgt.                                     BBB/120
Hull                             MBus Management                             120

Nottingham Trent       Business (4yr SW)                              BBB/120

Oxford Brookes          Business + Mgt.                                  BBB/120

Dundee                       Business Mgt. / Intl. Business (Yr1)   BBB(-BCC)

Manchester Met.         Business (MBus)                                 BBB-BBC

Portsmouth                  Business + Mgt.                                  120-112

Bangor                        Business Sts.                                       120-104
Salford                        Business + Mgt.                                  120-104
Winchester                  Business Mgt.                                     120-104

Aberystwyth               Business + Mgt.                                  BBC

Keele                           (Business) Mgt.                                  BBC

Bath Spa                      Business + Mgt.                                  BBC-CCC

De Montfort                Business + Mgt.                                  112

Hull                             Business Mgt.                                     112

Sheffield Hallam         Business Sts.                                       112

Solent                          Business Mgt.                                     112

Manchester Met.         Intl. Business Mgt.                              112-104

Chichester                   Business Sts.                                       112-96

Brighton                      Business Mgt.                                     BCC-CCC

South Wales                Business Mgt.                                     BCC-CDD

Kingston                     Business Mgt. (3yr SW)                     104

St Mary’s Twick.        Business Mgt.                                     104 (inc. BC)

Plymouth                     Business Mgt.                                     104-96

Harper Adams             Business Mgt. with Mktg.                  104-88

Royal Agric. Uni.       Intl. Bus. Mgt. (Gen./Food+Agri)      CCC/96

Marjon                         Business                                              CCD

University Entrance Requirements: About


University Entrance Requirements : A Levels

Cambridge                  (MSci/BA) (Nat. Scis.) A*A*A (Chem. + 1-2 scis.)             

Oxford                        (MChem) A*A*A (2 scis. A*; Chem. + Ma.; 1 sci./FMa. recommended)                           

Imperial                       (MSci/BSc) A*A*A-AAA (Chem. + Ma. A; + Ph/Bio/Econ pref.) 

Durham                       (MChem/BSc) A*AA (Chem.. + Maths.)                 

York                            (MChem/BSc) A*AA-AAB (Chem. + pref. 1 sci.)   

Bangor                        (MChem) 152-128 (Chem. A)           

Manchester                  (MChem) AAA (Chem. + 1 sci./Ma.)

UCL                            (MSci/BSc) AAA (Chem. + 1 sci.)                


Bristol                         (MSci) AAA(-ABB) (Chem. + Maths. A)     


Bath        (MChem/BSc) AAA (Chem. + 1 of Bio/Ma/FMa/Ph) – AAB (Chem. + 2 of Bio/Ma/FMa/Ph)  

Birmingham                (MSci) AAA-AAB (Chem.)  

Nottingham                 (MSci) AAA-AAB (Chem. A)          

Southampton               (MChem) AAA-AAB (Chem. + pref. Bio/Ma/Ph/FMa/Geog./Psy.) 

Sussex                         (MChem) AAA-AAB (Chem.)

Swansea                      (MChem) AAA-AAB (Ch. + 1 sci.)  


Warwick                     (MChem) AAA (Chem. + 1 sci.) – AAB (Chem. + 2 of Ma/FMa/Ph/Bio/Geol/Stats)                     

Edinburgh                   (MChem/BSc) (Yr1) AAA-ABB (Chem. + Maths.) 

Strathclyde                  (MChem/BSc) (Yr2) AAA-ABB (3 of Chem./Ma./Ph./Bio.; if 2, Yr1 entry considered)    

East Anglia                 (MChem) AAB (Chem. + 1 sci.)       

KCL                            (MSci/BSc) AAB (Chem. + Bio./Ma./Ph. A)            

Leeds                          (MChem) AAB (Chem.)        

Manchester                  (BSc) AAB (Chem. + 1 sci./Ma.)      

Newcastle                   (MChem) AAB (Chem.;+ Ma/Ph/Bio)          

Queen Mary                (MSci) AAB (Chem.)

Queen’s, Belfast         (MSci) AAB (Chem. + 1 sci.)                        

St Andrews                 (MChem/BSc) (Yr1) AAB (Chem. A)

Sheffield                     (MChem/BSc) AAB (Chem. + Bio/Ma/Ph)                                      

Surrey                          (MChem) AAB (2 scis., inc.Chem.)                          

Bristol                         (BSc) AAB(-ABC) (Chem. A + Maths. B)   

Glasgow                      (MSci 5yrs; BSc 4 yrs) AAB(-BBB) (Chem. + Ma.)                                    

Liverpool                     (MChem) AAB-ABBa(EPQ) (Chem. + 1 sci.)

Birmingham                (BSc) AAB-ABB (Chem.)

Leicester                      (MChem) AAB (Ch.) – ABB (Chem. + 1 sci.)          

Northumbria                (MChem) AAB-ABB (Chem. B)

Nottingham                 (BSc) AAB-ABB (Chem. A)             

Reading                       (MChem) AAB-ABB (Chem. + 1 sci.)          

Southampton               (BSc) AAB-ABB (Chem. + pref. Bio./Ma./Ph./FMa./Geog./Psy.)    

Sussex                         (BSc) AAB-ABB (Chem.)

Warwick                     (BSc) AAB (Chem. + 1 sci.) – ABB (Chem. + 2 of Ma/FMa/Ph/Bio/Geol/Stats)                

Cardiff                        (MChem/BSc) AAB-BBB (Chem.)               

Swansea                      (BSc) AAB-BBB (Chem. + 1 sci.)    

Aberdeen                    (MChem) ABB (Chem. + 1 sci. AB)                                                

Kent                            (MChem) ABB (Chem.)                    

Lancaster                     (MSci/BSc) ABB (Chem. + 1 sci.)                            
Leeds                          (BSc) ABB (Chem.)

Loughborough            (MChem/BSc) ABB (Chem. + pref. 1 sci.)               

Newcastle                   (BSc) ABB (Chem. B; + Ma/Ph/Bio pref.)   

Queen Mary                (BSc) ABB (Chem.)                                                                           

Surrey                          (BSc) ABB (2 scis., inc. Chem.)                    

Nottingham Trent       (MChem) ABB/128 (Chem. B)         

Liverpool                     (BSc) ABB-BBBa(EPQ) (Chem. + 1 sci.)                 

Leicester                      (BSc) ABB (Chem.) - BBB (Chem. + 1 sci.)

Northumbria                (BSc) ABB-BBB (Chem. B) 

Reading                       (BSc) ABB-BBB (Chem. B)                                                              

Brighton                      (MChem) ABB-BBC (Chem. B)

Bangor                        (BSc) 128-104 (Chem. B)                  

Aberdeen                    (BSc) BBB (Chem. + 1 sci.)                          

East Anglia                 (BSc) BBB (Chem.)   

Heriot-Watt                 (Yr1) BBB (Chem.)                                                               

Kent                            (BSc) BBB (Chem.)                           

Queen’s, Belfast         (BSc) BBB (Chem. + 1 sci.)              

Keele                           (MChem/BSc) BBB/ABC (Chem. B)                       

Nottingham Trent       (BSc) BBB/120 (Chem. C)

Aston                          (BSc) BBB-BBC (Chem. B)  

Hull                             (MChem) 120 (Chem. C)      

Manchester Met.         (MChem) 120-112 (Chem. C)

Plymouth                     (MChem) 120-112 (Chem. B + 1 sci. preferred)

Salford                        (BSc) 120-104 (Chem. C)                              

Bradford                     (MChem/BSc) BBC/112 (Chem. B)  

Hull                             (BSc) 112 (Chem. C) 

Kingston                     (MChem) 112 (Chem. + Bio/Ph/Ma C)

Sheffield Hallam         (MChem/BSc) 112 (Chem. C)

Manchester Met.         (BSc) 112-104 (Chem. C)

Plymouth                     (BSc) 112-96 (Chem. B/C + 1 sci.)                                       

Brighton                      (BSc) BCC-CCC (Chem.)                             

Kingston                     (BSc) 104 (Chem. + Bio/Ph/Ma C)               

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University Entrance Requirements: About


University Entrance Requirements : A Levels

Cambridge                  A*AA (3yr course: Lat./Gk.; 4yr course: none)                                


Durham                       (Classics/CC/AH) AAA                    

Oxford                        (Classics) AAA (Lat. +/or Gk. for Course 1)
                                    (Class. Arch. + AH) AAA (classical lang./CC/AH helpful)

St. Andrews                (Classics/Class. Sts./AH) AAA         

UCL                            (AH) AAA (Hist./AH/CC)    


Bristol                         (Classics) AAA(-ABB)         


Exeter                          (Classics) AAA-ABB (Lat./Gk.)                   

                                    (AH/Class. Sts.) AAA-ABB             

KCL                            (Classics) AAB (Lat./Gk. A, if available at school)  

                                    (AH/Class. Sts.) AAB

UCL                            (Classics) AAB (Lat./Gk. A)             

                                    (Anc. World) AAB                            

Warwick                      (Classics) AAB (Lat./Gk.)                 

Bristol                         (AH/Class. Sts.) AAB(-BBB)            

Glasgow                      (AH/CC/Greek/Latin) AAB(-BBB) (1 arts/humanities/langs.)         

Leeds                          (CC) AAB-ABB                                


Newcastle                   (AH/Class. Sts.) AAB-ABB  

Nottingham                 (Classics/AH/CC) AAB-ABB (max. 1 fine art/performance subject)          

Birmingham                (AH/Class. Lit. & Civ.) ABB            

                                    (Classics) ABB (Latin)                      


Edinburgh                   (Classics/AH/Class. Sts) ABB           


Leicester                      (AH) ABB                             

Manchester                  (Classics/AH/Class. Sts.) ABB (1 essay-based for AH; usually so for others)         

Nottingham                 (Classics) ABB (max. 1 fine art/performance subject)

Warwick                      (CC/AH & Cl.Arch.)  ABB               


Liverpool                     (Classics/AH/Class. Sts.) ABB-BBBa(EPQ)

Cardiff                        (AH) ABB-BBB                                

Reading                       (Classics/AH/Class. Sts.) ABB-BBB

Royal Holloway          (Classics) ABB-BBB (Lat./Gk. B at AL/AS or A at GCSE)
                                    (AH/Class. Sts.) ABB-BBB

Kent                            (AH/Class. Sts.) BBB                        

Swansea                      (AH/CC/Classics) BBB         


Roehampton                (CC) 120        

Winchester                  (Class. Sts.) 120-104

Manchester Met.         (AH) 112

Univ. of Wales,           (AH/CC/Classics) individual             
Trinity St David                                             


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University Entrance Requirements: About


University Entrance Requirements : A Levels

Cambridge                  (MEng/BA) A*A*A (Ma.; some colls. : 2 scis.)                               


Manchester                  (MEng) A*A*A (Ma. A)       

UCL                            (MEng/BSc) A*A*A (Ma. A*)                                 

Birmingham                (MSci) A*AA (Ma.)  

Durham                       (MEng/BSc) A*AA (Ma. A)             

Manchester                  (BSc) A*AA (Ma. A)                       

Oxford                        (MCompSci/BA) A*AA (Ma.; Ma./FMa/CS/Comp. A*; + F. Ma. recommended) 

Sheffield                     (MComp) A*AA (Ma.)                                  

Southampton               (MEng/BSc) A*AA (Ma.)                             

Warwick                      (MEng) A*AA (Ma.)                         

Imperial                       (MEng/BEng) (Computing) A*AA or A*AAA (typical offer includes STEP2)

                                    (Ma. A*; + A in “accepted subjects”: FMa. pref.)

Bristol                         (MEng/BSc) A*AA (Ma.A*)(-AAB, inc. Ma. A)

Birmingham                (BSc) AAA (Ma.)                  


KCL                            (MSci) AAA (1 of Ma./FMa./CS/Comp.)

Lancaster                     (MSci) AAA (Ma./CS: lower offer, if have A Level Computing)

Nottingham                 (MSci/BSc) AAA(CS A)

St Andrews                 (MSci/BSc) (Yr1) AAA (Ma.)                                   

Sheffield                     (BSc) AAA (Ma.)      

Southampton               (BSc) AAA (Ma.)                              

Warwick                      (BSc) AAA (Ma.)                              

Loughborough            (MSci)AAA(Ma.)/AAAa(Ma.AS a)

Bath                            (MComp/BSc) AAA/A*AB (Ma. A)                        

Leeds                          (MEng/BSc) AAA(-AAB) (Ma./Comp.)                               

Queen’s, Belfast         (MEng) AAA (Ph./Ch./ICT/DT/Dig.Techy.)- AAB (Ma./Comp./SoftwSyDevt.)

York                            (MEng) AAA-AAB (Ma.)                    

Edinburgh                   (MInf/BSc) AAA-ABB (Ma. A)                               

Exeter                          (MSci/BSc) AAA-ABB (Ma. B)       

Swansea                      (MSci) AAA-ABB (either Ma./CS/Ph.; or 2 from Bio./Ch./Elec./Psy./Econ.)

Aberystwyth               (MComp) AAB

East Anglia                 (MComp) AAB (1 of Ma./Comp./Ph./Elec./Econ.)                                                   

Kent                            (BSc) AAB

KCL                            (BSc) AAB (1 of Ma./FMa./CS/Comp/ICT/Elec./Ph./Stats.)

Lancaster                     (BSc) AAB (lower offer, if have A Level Computing)         

Newcastle                   (MComp) AAB                                 

Queen Mary                (MSci) AAB                                      

Sussex                         (MComp) AAB                                 

Glasgow                      (MSci 5yrs; BSc 4yrs) AAB(-BBB) (Ma.)                            

Liverpool                     (MEng) AAB-ABBa(EPQ) (Ma./FMa./Ph./CS/Computing)

Cardiff                        (MSci/BSc) AAB-ABB                                            

Reading                       (BSc) AAB-ABB                                          

Royal Holloway          (MSci/BSc) AAB-ABB (Ma./CS/Ph.)           

Surrey                          (BSc) AAB-ABB (Ma.)         

Sussex                         (BSc) AAB-ABB                                          

York                            (BSc/BEng) AAB-ABB (Ma.)           

Newcastle                   (BSc) AAB-ABB/AAC                     

Strathclyde                  (MEng) (Yr1) AAB-BBB (Ma. B; CS recommended)

Swansea                      (BSc) AAB-BBB (either Ma./CS/Ph.; or 2 from Bio./Ch./Elec./Psy./Econ.)

Portsmouth                  (MEng) 136-120 (Ma. + 2 “relevant subjects”)         

Essex                           (MSci) ABB                                                                                                   

Keele                           (MComp) ABB                                                          

Leicester                      (MComp/BSc) ABB                          

Queen Mary                (BSc) ABB                                        

Loughborough            (BSc) ABB (Ma.)/ABBa (Ma.AS a)

Bradford                     (BSc) ABB/128

Nottingham Trent       (MComp) ABB/128 (IT/Ma./sci. B)                                                              

Plymouth                     (MSci) 128 (2 A Levels, inc. 1 sci.)

Liverpool                     (BSc) ABB-BBBa(EPQ) (Ma./Ph./FMa./CS/Computing)

City                            (MSci/BSc) ABB/128/BBB+EPQ (CS/Ma/Ph pref.)

Aston                          ABB-BBB (Ma./CS preferred)          

Northumbria                (MComp/BSc) ABB-BBB

Queen’s, Belfast         (BSc) ABB (Ph./Ch./ICT/DT/Dig.Techy.) - BBB (Ma./Comp./Softw.Syst.Devt.)

Strathclyde                  (BSc) (Yr1) ABB-BBB(Ma. B; Comp. Sci. recommended)                         

Aberdeen                    (MA/BSc) BBB (MA: Ma.; BSc: Ma. + 1 sci.)                                                         

Brunel                         (BSc) BBB                                                     

East Anglia                 (BSc) BBB (1 of Ma./Comp./Ph./Elec./Econ.)

Essex                           (BSc) BBB                                         

Goldsmiths                  (BSc) BBB

Heriot-Watt                 (BSc) (Yr1) BBB (Ma.)                                                                                 

Stirling                        (BSc) (Yr1) BBB                                                                                                       

Keele                           (BSc) BBB/ABC       

Nottingham Trent       (BSc) BBB/120 (IT/Ma./sci. B)         

Dundee                       (BSc) (Yr1) BBB(-CCC) (Ma.B+1 sci., recommend CS)                                         

Bristol UWE               (BSc) 120

Hull                             (MEng) 120

Plymouth                     (BSc) 120 (2 A Levels)                                                          

Sheffield Hallam         (BSc) 120

Manchester Met.         (MComp) 120-112

Salford                        (BSc) 120-112 (Ma./sci./comp.-related C)                

Portsmouth                  (BSc) 120-104 (min. 2 A Levels)                                          

Bangor                        (BSc) 120-96                                                                                                              

Hull                             (BSc) 112

Kingston                     (BSc) 112 (2 A Levels)          

Oxford Brookes          (BSc) 112/BBC (prefer sci.)

Aberystwyth               (BSc) BBC     

Brighton                      (BSc) BBC-CCC

Manchester Met.         (BSc) 112-104
Winchester                  (MSci/BSc) 112-104

University Entrance Requirements: About


University Entrance Requirements : A Levels

Note:   Brackets indicate offers for students achieving higher grades than normal in a school cohort in “less highly achieving” schools.    


KCL                            A*AA (Bio. + Chem.)

Plymouth                     A*AA-AAB (Bio. A + Chem./Phy./Ma./Psy.)                      


Birmingham                AAA (Bio. + Chem. A)                     

Cardiff                        AAA (Bio. + Chem. A)                                 

Dundee                       AAA (Chem. + 1 sci., Bio. recommended)                                       

Glasgow                      AAA (Bio. + Chem. A)                                 

Leeds                          AAA (Bio. + Chem. A)                                 

Liverpool                    AAA (Bio. + Chem. A)                                 

Manchester                  AAA (Bio. + Chem. A)                                 

Newcastle                   AAA (Bio. + Chem. A)                                 

Queen Mary                AAA (Bio./Chem. + Bio./Chem./Ma./Phy.)              

Queen’s Belfast          AAA (Bio. + Chem. A)

Sheffield                     AAA (Bio. + Chem. A)                                 

Bristol                         AAA(-AAC) (Chem. A + 1 lab-based sci.)               

University Entrance Requirements: About


University Entrance Requirements : A Levels

There are also many Acting programmes. I have included only a few.

Leeds                          Theatre + Performance           AAA-ABB (normally incl. 2 arts/humanities subjects)

Manchester                  Drama                                     AAB (1 essay-based subject, eg, Eng,Hist,Po)

Surrey                          Acting                                     AAB

Warwick                      Theatre + Performance Sts.    AAB

York                            Theatre: Writ., Dir. + Perfce.  AAB

Bristol                         Theatre + Performance Sts.    AAB(-BBB)

Glasgow                      Theatre Sts. (Jt. Hons.)           AAB(-BBB) (1 arts/humanities/lang.)

Birmingham                Drama + Theatre Arts             AAB-ABB (Dr+ThArts B, if taken)

Loughborough            Drama                                     AAB-ABB

Sussex                         Drama, Theatre + Perfce.       AAB-ABB

Exeter                          Drama                                     AAB-BBB

East Anglia                 Drama                                     ABB (Eng/Drama/ThSts)

Kent                            Drama + Theatre                     ABB

Lancaster                     Drama, Theatre + Perfce.       ABB (Th/Dr/Dance/Perfce desirable)

Queen Mary                Drama                                     ABB (arts/humanities/soc.sci A)

Northumbria                Drama                                     ABB-BBB

Reading                       Theatre (+ Film) (3yrs)           ABB-BBB
                                      Art + Theatre/Film (4yrs)       ABB-BBB
                                      Art + Film & Theatre (4yrs)   ABB-BBB

Royal Holloway          Drama + Theatre Sts.              ABB-BBB

Brunel                         Theatre                                    BBB

Essex (Colchester)      Drama                                     BBB (1 essay based subject)

Goldsmiths                  Drama + Theatre Arts             BBB

Queen’s Belfast          Drama                                     BBB

Aberystwyth               Drama + Theatre Sts.              BBB-BBC

Salford                        Drama + Creative Writing      120-104 (1 humanities-based subject)

Bath Spa                      Acting/Comedy/Drama           BBC-BCC (prefer Dr/ThSts)

Bristol UWE               Drama (+ Acting)                   112

Hull                             Drama                                     112

Kingston                     Drama                                     112 (min. 2 A Levels; Dr+ThSts/Eng “or similar” B)

Manchester Met.         Acting                                     112

Oxford Brookes          Drama (Jt. Hons.)                   112/BBC (Eng)

Plymouth                     Theatre + Performance           112 (min. 2 A Levels)

Roehampton                Drama, Theatre + Perfce. Sts. 112

St Mary’s Uni.            Acting                                     112 (incl. BB)

Southampton Solent    Acting + Performance             112
                                        Musical Theatre                      112

Portsmouth                  Drama + Performance             112-104
                                    Musical Theatre                      112-104

Winchester                  Drama                                     112-96

Marjon                         Acting/Musical Theatre          CCC

Essex (East 15)           Acting                                     CDD

LIPA                           Acting                                     64

Plymouth                     Acting                                     audition. Typical applicant has 64 pts.

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University Entrance Requirements: About


University Entrance Requirements : A Levels

Cambridge                  A*A*A (Maths. A Level A) (some colleges: AS FMa.)                   

Bath                            A*AA (Maths. A Level A)                

Durham                       A*AA (Maths. A Level A)                

KCL                            A*AA (Maths. A Level A)

LSE                             A*AA (Maths. A Level A*; AS FMa. a, if taken)    

Nottingham                 A*AA (Maths. GCSE A/7)

Oxford                        (Eco.& Mgt.) A*AA (Maths. A Level A)     


UCL                            A*AA (Maths. A Level A*, Econ. A, if taken)         

Warwick                      A*AA (Maths. A Level A)                


Bristol                         A*AA(-AAB) (Maths. A Level A)   


Exeter                          A*AA-AAB (Maths. A Level B)      

Birmingham                AAA (Maths. GCSE A/7)                  

Leeds                          AAA (Maths. GCSE A/7)                  

Oxford                        (PPE) AAA (Hist. + Maths. useful)                           


Queen Mary                AAA (Maths. A Level A)      

St Andrews                 AAA (BSc: 1 sci./Maths. A Level; MA: GCSE sci./Maths. B)                                

SOAS                          AAA-AAB (Maths. GCSE B/6; A Level desirable)

Edinburgh                   AAA – ABB (Maths. A Level B/AS a)         

Cardiff                        AAB (Maths. A Level B)                  

East Anglia                 AAB (Maths. GCSE B/5)                  

Lancaster                     AAB (Maths. GCSE B/6)      


Liverpool                     AAB (Maths. A Level A)                  


Loughborough            AAB (Maths. GCSE B/6)                  

Manchester                  (BSc) AAB (Maths. A Level A)        

                                    (BAEcon) AAB (Maths. GCSE B/6) 

Newcastle                   AAB (Maths. GCSE A/7)                  


Sheffield                     (BSc) AAB (Maths. A Level B)        

                                    (BA) AAB (Maths. GCSE B/6)                     

Surrey                          AAB (Maths. GCSE A/7)                              


York                            AAB (Maths A Level)                       


Glasgow                      AAB(-BBB) (1 arts/humanities/lang.; Maths. GCSE B/5)   

City                             AAB/136/ABB+EPQ (Maths. GCSE B/6)    

Southampton               AAB or ABBB (Maths A Level B) or ABBa-BBBBa (EPQ)

Reading                       AAB-ABB(Maths. GCSE B/6)                                 

Royal Holloway          AAB-ABB (Maths. GCSE A/8)                    

Sussex                         AAB-ABB (Maths. GCSE B/6)                                 

Aston                          (Econ. & Mgt.) ABB (Maths. GCSE B/5)     

Leicester                      (BA) ABB (Maths. GCSE B/5)                     

                                    (BSc) ABB (Maths. A Level)            

Queen’s, Belfast         ABB (Maths. GCSE A/7)                                                                             

Kent                            ABB (Maths.GCSE B/6) - BBB (Maths. A Level)   

Strathclyde                  ABB-BBB (Maths. GCSE B/6)                     

Swansea                      ABB-BBB (Maths. GCSE C/4)                     

Aberdeen                    (Yr1) BBB (Maths. GCSE C/4)                     

Aberystwyth               BBB (Maths. GCSE C/4)                                           

Brunel                         BBB (Maths. A Level B)                   

Essex                           BBB (Maths. GCSE B/5)                   

Goldsmiths                  BBB (Maths./Eco./Stats. GCSE B)

Heriot-Watt                 (Yr1) BBB (Maths. GCSE C/4)                                                         

Stirling                        (Yr1) BBB (Maths. GCSE C/4)                                             

Dundee                       (Yr1) BBB(-BCC) (BSc: Maths./sci. A Level)

Bradford                      (BSc) BBB/120 (Maths. GCSE C/4) 

Nottingham Trent       BBB/120 (Maths. GCSE B/5)

Bristol UWE               120 (Maths. GCSE C/4)                                 

Oxford Brookes          120/BBB (Maths. GCSE B/5)                        

Sheffield Hallam         120 (Maths. GCSE C/4)         

Brighton                      (BSc) BBB-CCC (Maths. GCSE C/4)

Bournemouth              120-112 (Maths. GCSE C/4)
Portsmouth                  120-112 (3 A Levels; Maths. GCSE B/5)

Bangor                         (Bus./Fin. Econ.) 120-104 (Maths. GCSE C/4)         

Winchester                  120-104 (Maths. GCSE C/4)
Keele                           BBC (Maths. GCSE B/6)

Hull                             112 (Maths. GCSE C/4)         

Kingston                     112 (2 A Levels; Maths. GCSE C/4)                                     

Manchester Met.         112-104 (Maths. GCSE C/4)

Plymouth                     112-104 (2 A Levels; Maths.GCSE C/4)

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University Entrance Requirements : A Levels

(MEng, unless otherwise specified)

Imperial                       A*A*A*-A*A*A or A*A*A*A-A*A*AA

                                    (Ma. + Ch. A*; + Ph/Bio/FMa/Econ – these subjects pref. for 4th A Level)

Cambridge                  A*A*A (via Eng.: Ch. + Ma. + Ph.; some colleges : also FMa.)

                                                  (via Nat.Scis.: Ch. + Ma.; some colleges : also FMa./Ph.)


Bath                            A*AA (Ma. + Ch.; Ma./FMa./Ch. A*)          

Leeds                          A*AA (Ma. + Ch./Ph.)                      

Loughborough            A*AA (Ma. + Ch./Ph.)                                  

Birmingham                A*AA-AAAA (Ma. + Ch.)                

Nottingham                 A*AA-AAA (Ma. + Ch./Ph.; if Ma. A*, alternative subjects considered)               

Brunel                         AAA (subject to approval)

Lancaster                     AAA (Ma. + Ch.)                               

Manchester                  AAA (Ma./Ch./Ph. + 1 sci.)                           

Newcastle                   AAA (Ma.+Ch.+FMa./Ph./IT/Bio.)   

Queen Mary                AAA (Ma. + Ph./Ch.)                        

Sheffield                     AAA (Ma. + 1 sci.)                            


UCL                            AAA (Ma. + Ch.; + another sci. preferred)               


Swansea                      AAA-AAB (Ma. + Ch.)                     

Edinburgh                   AAA-ABB (Ma. + Ch.)                     

Queen’s, Belfast         AAB (Ma.+ 1 sci., pref. Ch.)                                     

Surrey                          AAB (Ma. + Ch.)                               

Aston                          AAB-ABB (Ma. + Ch.)                     

Strathclyde                  (Yr1) AAB-BBB (Ma. + Ch. + Ph.)  

Aberdeen                    (Yr1) ABB (Ma. + Ph./DT/Engi. AB; + Ch.)

Sheffield Hallam         128 (2 A Levels) (Ma. + Ph./Ch.)                  

Hull                             120 (Ma. + Ch. C)

Heriot-Watt                 (Yr1) BBC (Ma. + Ch.)
Bradford                     BBC/112 (Ma. + Ch. C)                                

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University Entrance Requirements: About


University Entrance Requirements : A Levels

(MEng, unless otherwise specified)

Imperial                       A*A*A or A*AAA (Ma. A* + Ph. A*/A)                


Bath                            A*AA (Ma. A)                                   

UCL                            A*AA                                    


Warwick                      A*AA (Ma. + Ph.)                             

Bristol                         A*AA (Ma. + sci., 1 at A*)               
                                    (-AAB Ma. + sci. A)

Southampton               A*AA-AABa(EPQ) (Ma. + Bio./Ch./FMa./Geog./Geol./Ph. A*A)

Birmingham                AAA (Ma.)                                         

Brunel                         AAA (Ma. + 1 sci. A)                        

Glasgow                      (5yr.) AAA (Ma. + Ph./DT)               

Leeds                          AAA (Ma.)                                         

Loughborough            AAA (Ma. + pref. 1 sci.)                    

Manchester                  AAA (Ma. +  Ph.)                              

Newcastle                   AAA (Ma.)                 

Nottingham                 AAA (Ma. + Bio./Ch./Computing/DT/FMa./Geog./Geol/Ph.)                                  

Sheffield                     AAA (Ma.)                                         

City                             AAA/144/AAB+EPQ (Ma. + Ph./Ch./Bio.)

Swansea                      AAA-AAB (Ma.)                               

Cardiff                        AAA-ABB (Ma.)                               

Edinburgh                   AAA-ABB (Ma. + Ph.(pref.)/DT/Engi.)


Exeter                          AAA-ABB (Ma. + 1 sci.)                   

Portsmouth                  144-120 (Ma. B)                                

Queen’s, Belfast         AAB (Ma. + 1 sci.)                            

Surrey                          AAB (Ma. + Ph./Bio/Ch/DT/FMa/IT)           

Liverpool                     AAB-ABBa(EPQ) (Ma.)                                           

Plymouth                     136-124 (Ma. B + 1 STEM subject)  

Strathclyde                  (Yr1) AAB-BBB (Ma. + Ph.)

Aberdeen                    (Yr1) ABB (Ma. + Ph./DT/ Engi./Ch. AB)   


Dundee                       (Yr1) ABB (Ma. + Ph.)

Nottingham Trent       ABB/128 (Ma. C)                              

Brighton                      ABB-BBB (Ma. + pref. Ph./Che.)                                         

Northumbria                ABB-BBB (Ma. + Bio./Ch./Comp.Sci./Ph./Techy.)                          

Heriot-Watt                 (Yr1) BBB/ABC (Ma. B)                              

Salford                        128-120 (Ma. + Ph./Ch./DT/Electr./Comp.Sci. B)                

Hull                             120 (Ma. C)

Bradford                     BBC/112 (Ma. C)                              


Bristol UWE               (BEng: Civil + Envtl. Eng.) 112 (Ma. C)      

Kingston                     (BEng) 112 (2 A Levels, incl. Ma. C)                                   

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University Entrance Requirements: About


University Entrance Requirements : A Levels

(MEng, unless otherwise specified)

Imperial                       A*A*A-A*AA (Ma. A* + Ph. A + subject from “preferred list” A)


Southampton               A*AA (Ma. + Ph. or FMa./Elec.)                             

Warwick                      A*AA (Ma. + Ph. )                

Birmingham                AAA (Ma.)                 


Glasgow                      (5 yr.) AAA  (Ma. + Ph./DT)             

KCL                            AAA (Ma./FMa. + Ph.)                     

Lancaster                     AAA (Ma. + phys. sci.)                      

Leeds                          AAA (Ma.)                                         

Loughborough            AAA (Ma. + Computing/Comp.Sci./Elect./Engin./FMa./Ph.)                                   

Manchester                  AAA  (Ma. + Ph./Elec./FMa.)            

Newcastle                   AAA (Ma. + Ph./Ch./Elec.)               


Sheffield                     AAA (Ma. + Ph./Ch./Elec.)               

UCL                            AAA (Ma. + pref. FMa./Ph.)             

York                            (Electro.) AAA (Ma. + Ph./Elect./Ch.)          

Bath                            AAA/A*AB (Ma. + 1 sci./tech.)                    

Bristol                         AAA/A*AB(-ABB) (Ma. A)                         


City                             AAA/144/AAB+EPQ (Ma. A + Ph./Ch./Bio.)

Surrey                          AAA (Ma.+Ph./Ele./Comp/CompSc.) - AAB (Ma. + FMa. + 1 of above)               

Swansea                      AAA-AAB (Ma.)                               


Cardiff                        AAA-ABB (Ma.)                                           

Edinburgh                   AAA-ABB (Ma.)                               

Exeter                          AAA-ABB (Ma. + 1 sci.)                   

Nottingham                 AAA-ABB (Ma. + sci.; Elec./Ph./Ch./Bio. preferred)                      

East Anglia                 AAB (Ma. + 1 sci.)                            

Leicester                      AAB (Ma. + phys. sci.)                      


Queen Mary                AAB (Ma. + 1 sci., preferably Ph./Elec./Computing)

Queen’s, Belfast         AAB (Ma.+ 1 of Ph./Bio./Ch./DT/Elec./FMa., Ph. pref.)                 


Sussex                         AAB (Ma.)                                         


Brunel                         AAB-ABB (Ma. + sci./engin.)           

Royal Holloway          AAB-ABB (Ma.)                               

Strathclyde                  (Yr1) AAB-BBB (Ma. + Ph.)            

Bangor                        136-120 (Ma. + Ph. C)                                   

Portsmouth                  136-120 (Ma.+ 2 “relevant subjects“)

Aberdeen                    (Yr1) ABB (Ma. + Ph./DT/Engi./Ch. AB)    

Essex                           (Electro.) ABB (Ma.)                         

Kent                            (Electro.&Comm.) ABB (Ma. + Ph./Comp./Elec. B)

Liverpool                     ABB-BBBa(EPQ) (Ma. + sci./Electr./DT:Syst.+Control Techy.)                 

Aston                          (MEng, incl. SW) ABB-BBB (Ma. + Ph./Elec./CompSc.)     

Northumbria                ABB-BBB (Ma. + Bio./Ch./CompSc./Ph./Techy.)                

Bristol UWE               128 (Ma. B + 1 sci./tech.)                  

Nottingham Trent       128 (Ma. B) (inc. 2 A Levels)

Plymouth                     128 (Ma. + 1 sci./tech. B)                  

Sheffield Hallam         128 (Ma. + sci.)                                  

Heriot-Watt                 (Yr1) BBB (Ma. + Ph./Engin.Sci./Techy.)                             

Dundee                       (BEng) (Yr1) BBB(-BCC) (Ma. + sci./engin., Ph. pref.)                  

Hull                             120 (Ma. C)   

Brighton                      BBB-BCC (Ma. + phy. sci.)  

Manchester Met.         120-112 (Ma. + 1 STEM C)

Salford                        (BEng) 120-112 (pref. Ma. B)           

Southampton Solent    (BEng) 112

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University Entrance Requirements: About


University Entrance Requirements : A Levels

(MEng, unless otherwise specified)

Cambridge                  A*A*A (Ma. + Ph.; some colleges: + 1 sci./FMa./tech. + STEP)     


Oxford                        A*A*A (Ma. + Ph.; 2 from Ma./FMa./Ph. A*; FMa. helpful)

Durham                       A*AA (Ma. + Ph.)                             

Warwick                      A*AA (Ma. + Ph.)                             

Birmingham                AAA (Ma.)

Lancaster                     (Study Abroad) AAA (Ma. + phys. sci.)                   

Sheffield                     AAA (Ma. + Ph.)                               

Bath                            (Integrated Mech. & Electri.) AAA/A*AB (Ma. + Ph.)        


Liverpool                     AAA-AABa(EPQ) (Ma. + 1 sci.)                              

City                             AAA/144/AAB+EPQ (Ma. + Ph./Ch./Bio.)

Cardiff                        AAA-ABB (Ma.)                               

Edinburgh                   (Yr1) (Electri. + Mech.) AAA-ABB (Ma. + pref. Ph. or DT/Engin.)           

Exeter                          AAA-ABB (Ma. + 1 sci.)                   


East Anglia                 AAB (Ma. + 1 sci.)                            


Leicester                      AAB (Ma. + phys.sci.)                       

Strathclyde                  (Electri. + Mechan.) (Yr1) AAB-BBB (Ma. + Ph.)

Aberdeen                    (Yr1) ABB (Ma. + Ph./DT/Engin./Ch. AB)

Heriot-Watt                 (BEng) BBC (Ma. + Ph.)       

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University Entrance Requirements: About


University Entrance Requirements : A Levels

(MEng, unless otherwise specified; Mech. & Aero. offers identical, unless specified)

Imperial                       (Aero.) A*A*A or A*A*AA-A*AAA (Ma.A*+ Ph.A*/A; FMa. A v. pref.)

                                    (Mech.) A*A*A (Ma. + Ph. A*; FMa. pref.) or A*AAA (Ma. A* + Ph. A + FMa. pref.)


Bath                            A*AA (Ma. + Ph., 1 at A*)               

Leeds                          A*AA (Ma. + Ph., 1 at A*)                           

Loughborough            A*AA (Ma. + Ph., 1 A*)                   


UCL                            A*AA (Ma. + Ph. A*A; + FMa./Econ./DT preferred)                      

Warwick                      A*AA (Ma. + Ph.)                             

Bristol                         A*AA(-AAB) (Ma.+ Ph. A*A)         


Southampton               A*AA-A*ABa(EPQ) (Ma. + Ph. A*A)        

Nottingham                 A*AA-AAA (Ma. +  pref. Ph.)                                  

Birmingham                AAA (Ma.)     

Brunel                         AAA (Ma. + Ph. A)                           

Glasgow                      (5yrs) AAA (Ma. + Ph./DT)                          


Lancaster                     AAA (Ma. + phys. sci.)                      


Manchester                  AAA (Ma. + Ph.)                               

Newcastle                   AAA (Ma.+Ph./Ch./FMa.)                

Queen Mary                AAA (Ma. + Ph./Ch.)                                    


Sheffield                     (Aero) AAA (Ma. + Ph./Ch./Bio./FMa.)                   

                                    (Mech) AAA (Ma. + Ph./Ch.)            

Surrey                          AAA (Ma. +  Ph.)                  


Liverpool                     AAA-AABa(EPQ) (Ma. + 1 sci.)                              


City                             AAA/144/AAB+EPQ (Ma. A + Ph./Ch./Bio.)

Portsmouth                  144-120 (from 3 A Levels, inc.Ma. B + 2 “relevant subjects”)

Swansea                      AAA-AAB (Ma.)                               

Cardiff                        AAA-ABB (Ma.)                               

Edinburgh                   AAA-ABB (Ma. + Ph.(pref.)/DT/Engi.)

Exeter                          AAA-ABB (Ma. + 1 sci.)                   


East Anglia                 AAB (Ma. + 1 sci.)                            

Harper Adams             AAB (Ma.)

Leicester                      AAB (Ma. + phys. sci.)                      

Queen’s, Belfast         AAB (Ma. + Ph.(pref.)/Bio./Chem./FMa.)

Sussex                         AAB (Ma.)                                         

Plymouth                     136-128 (Ma. + 1 sci./tech. C)           

Salford                         (Aero.) 136-128 (Ma. + Ch./Ph./Electr./DT/Comp.Sci. B)   

Strathclyde                  (Yr1) AAB-BBB (Ma. + Ph.)            

Aberdeen                    (Yr1) ABB (Ma. + Ph./DT/Engi./Ch. AB)    


Bristol UWE               128 (Ma. B + 1 sci./tech.)                  

Kingston                     128 (Ma. + 2 scis.)                                         

Nottingham Trent       128 (Ma. B; inc. 2 A Levels)                         

Oxford Brookes          128/ABB (Ma. A + Ph. B)                             

Sheffield Hallam         128 (Ma. + 1 sci., e.g., Ph./Ch.)                     

Aston                          ABB-BBB (Ma. + physical sci./technology B)                     

Northumbria                ABB-BBB (Ma.?)                  

Salford                        (Mech.) 128-120 (Ma. + Ch./Ph./Electr./DT/Comp.Sci. B)              

Heriot-Watt                 (Yr1) BBB (Ma. + Ph./Techy./EngSc.)                      

Dundee                       (BEng) BBB(-BCC) (Ma. + sci./engin., Ph. pref.)

Hull                             120 (Ma. C)

Brighton                      BBB-BCC (Ma. + phys. sci.) 

Manchester Met.         120-112 (Ma. + 1 STEM C)

Bournemouth              120-104 (Ma. + 1 sci./tech.)               

Bradford                     BBC/112 (Ma. C)

Solent                          (BEng) 112

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University Entrance Requirements: About


University Entrance Requirements : A Levels

Cambridge                  A*AA (Eng. A)                                 

Durham                       A*AA (Eng. A)                                 

Edinburgh                   A*AA-ABB (Eng.)                            

KCL                            AAA (Eng. A)                                   

Leeds                          AAA (Eng. A)                                    

Manchester                  AAA (Eng. A)                       

Oxford                         AAA (Eng. A; lang./Hist. helpful)                                         

St. Andrews                AAA (Eng./Drama A)                       

UCL                            AAA (Eng. A)                                   

Bristol                         AAA(-ABB) (Eng. A)

Warwick                      AAA/A*AB (Eng. A)                                    

York                            AAA/A*AB (Eng. A)                        

Exeter (Exeter)            AAA-AAB (Eng. A)                          

Newcastle                   AAA-AAB (Eng. A)                          

Nottingham                 AAA-AAB (Eng. A)                          

Birmingham                AAB (Eng. A)                                    

Lancaster                     AAB (Eng. A)                        

Loughborough            AAB (Eng.)                                                    

Sheffield                     AAB (Eng.)                                        

SOAS                          AAB (Eng.)                                        

Glasgow                      AAB(-BBB) (1 arts/humanities/lang.)                                   

Southampton               AAB-ABBa(EPQ) (Eng. A)                          

Sussex                         AAB-ABB (Eng. A)                          

Cardiff                        ABB (Eng. A)                                    


East Anglia                 ABB (Eng.)                                        

Kent                            ABB (Eng. B)                                    

Leicester                      ABB (Eng.)    

Queen Mary                ABB (Eng. A)                                    

Queen’s, Belfast         ABB (Eng./AS Eng. a)          

Royal Holloway          ABB (Eng.)                            

Surrey                          ABB (Eng. B)                                                             

Liverpool                     ABB-ABCa(EPQ) (Eng. A)                                                  

Aberystwyth               ABB-BBB (Eng. B)                           

Aston                          (Jt. Hons.) ABB-BBB (Eng. B)                     

Exeter (Cornwall)       ABB-BBB (Eng. B)                           

Northumbria                ABB-BBB     

Reading                       ABB-BBB (Eng. B)                           

Strathclyde                  ABB-BBB                                                                             

Aberdeen                    (Yr1) BBB                                         

Brunel                         BBB (Eng. B)                                                                                    

Essex                           BBB (incl. 1 essay subject)                

Goldsmiths                  BBB (Eng.)                                                    

Stirling                        (Yr1) BBB                                         

Swansea                      BBB   

Keele                           BBB/ABC (Eng./Drama+Th.Sts.)                             

Dundee                       (Yr1) BBB(-BCC) (Eng.)                  

City                             BBB/120/BBC+EPQ (Eng. B)

Bangor                        128-112 (Eng. B)                                                                               

Hull                             120

Oxford Brookes          120/BBB (Eng.)                                             

Plymouth                     120 (Eng. B)                                      

Sheffield Hallam         120 (Eng. B)  

Bournemouth              120-112                                  

Salford                        120-104 (1 humanity C)                                                                    

Winchester                  120-104 (Eng. C)
Bristol UWE               112

Kingston                     112 (Eng. B)

Nottingham Trent       112 (Eng. C)  

St Mary’s Twick.        112 (incl. BB)

Solent                          112
Bath Spa                      BBC-BCC (Eng. B)
Manchester Met.         112-104 (Eng./humanities)

Portsmouth                  112-96 (min. 2 A Levels, incl. Eng.) 

Brighton                      BCC-CCC (Eng.)                   

Marjon                         CCC
UoW, TrinityStDavid individual


University Entrance Requirements: About


University Entrance Requirements : A Levels

Leeds                          (MEnv) A*AA (2 from Bio/Ch/Ma/Ph/Geog/Geol/EnvSts; 1 from first 4)                          

Exeter (Cornwall)       (MSci) A*AA-AAB (1 sci.)               

Manchester                  (MEnvSci) AAA

Sussex                         (MSci)(Ecol., Cons. & Envt.) AAA-AAB (Bio/Ch/EnvSt/Ph)

Edinburgh                   AAA-ABB (2 from Bio/Ch/Ma/Ph/Geog/Geol/EnvSts; 1 from first 4)                                

Birmingham                (MSci) AAB (1 sci.)                           

East Anglia                 (MSci) AAB (1 of Geog/Geol/Ma/Econ/Bio/Ch/EnvSc/Ph)                         

Lancaster                     (MSci) AAB (1 sci.)               

Manchester                  (BSc) AAB (1 sci.)                                         

St Andrews                 (BSc) (Envtl. Earth Scis.) AAB (2 of Bio/Ch/Geog/Geol/Ma/Ph)

Sheffield                     (MEnvSci) AAB (1 sci.)                    

Southampton               (MEnvSci) AAB-ABBa (EPQ) (2 scis.)        

Exeter (Cornwall)       (BSc) AAB-ABB (1 sci.)                   

Reading                       (MEnvSci) AAB-ABB (Bio/Ch/EnvSts-Sci/Geog/Geol/Ma/Ph)                 

Sussex                         (BSc) (Ecol., Cons. & Envt.) AAB-ABB (Bio/Ch/EnvSt/Ph)

Birmingham                (BSc) ABB (1 sci.)                             

Lancaster                     (BSc) ABB (1 sci.)                 

Leeds                          (BSc) ABB (2 from Bio/Ch/Ma/Ph/Geog/Geol/EnvSts; 1 from first 4)                                           

Newcastle                   (MEnvSci/BSc) ABB (2 scis. pref. from Ma/Ch/Bio/Geog/EnvSci/Psy/Ph)                        

Queen Mary                (BSc) ABB (1 sci.)                 

Sheffield                     (BSc) ABB (1 sci.)                             

Stirling                        (MSci) ABB (Bio/EnvSci/Geog/Geol)                                  

York                            (MEnv/BSc) ABB (2 scis.)                

Liverpool                     (BSc) ABB-BBBa (EPQ) (2 scis.)                 

Southampton               (BSc) ABB-BBBa (EPQ) (2 scis.)     

Northumbria                ABB-BBB                                         

Nottingham                 (MSci/BSc) ABB-BBB (1 sci.)                                                                      

Reading                       (BSc) ABB-BBB (Bio/Ch/EnvSts-Sci/Geog/Geol/Ma/Ph)               

Bangor                        (MEnvSci) 128 (Bio/Ch/Geog/Geol/EnvSts-Sci/Ph/Ma/Eco/Stats/Psy)

Aberdeen                    BBB (2 scis.)                                      

East Anglia                 (BSc) BBB (1 of Geog/Geol/Ma/Econ/Bio/Ch/EnvSc/Ph)                            

Stirling                        (Yr1) (BSc) BBB (Bio/Ch/EnvSci/Geog/Geol/Ma/Ph)                     

Keele                           BBB/ABC (1 sci. B)                                      

Dundee                       (Yr1) BBB(-BCC) (Bio/Ch/Ph)         


Glasgow (Dumfries)   BBB(-CCC) (1 sci.)

Bournemouth              120-104 (1 sci. C)                              

Portsmouth                  (BSc) 120-104 (Bio/Ch/EnvSci/EnvSts/Geog/Geol/Ma/Ph C)                     


Aberystwyth               BBC (Bio./Geog. C)                          


Brunel                         (MSci/BSc) BBC (1 sci. B)

Bangor                        (BSc) 112 (Bio/Ch/Geog/Geol/EnvSts-Sci/Ph/Ma/Eco/Stats/Psy)


Nottingham Trent       (BSc) BBC/112 (1 sci.)                                  

Bath Spa                      (BSc) BBC-CCC

Brighton                      (BSc) BBC-CCC (1 sci.)

Bristol UWE               (MSci/BSc) 112 (1 sci. C)                 

Hull                             (BSc) 112 (Bio C)

Oxford Brookes          (BSc) 112/BBC (pref. Bio/Ch/Ma/EnvSc/Geog)                  

Manchester Met.         (BSc) 112-104 (Geog./sci. C)

Plymouth                     (BSc) 112-104 (min. 2 A Levels, inc. 1 sci. B)                                             

Kingston                     (BSc) 112-96 (min. 2 A Levels)

Sheffield Hallam         (BSc) 112                   

University Entrance Requirements: About


University Entrance Requirements : A Levels

A portfolio of work is usually required from applicants.
Some unis. will accept a pass in the Foundation Diploma in Art + Design as an alternative to the requirements given below.

Oxford                                    AAA (Art highly recommended)

Leeds                                      AAB-ABB

Newcastle                               AAB-BBB (lower offer possible, if portfolio exceptional)

Reading                                   (Art) 136-32 (min. 2 A Levels)

Dundee                                   (Yr2) ABB (1 art/design-related + “literate subject”)

Edinburgh                               (5yr MA) ABB

Glasgow Sch. of Art               ABB

Lancaster                                 ABB (Art + 1 humanities subject desirable)

Loughborough                        ABB [N.B. paid work placement year is available]

UCL                                        ABB

Northumbria                            ABB-BBB [N.B. paid work placement year is available]

Norwich Uni. of the Arts        BBB (1 art/design/media-related)

Southampton                           BBB (1 art-related)

Arts Uni. Bournemouth          120/BBB (1 relevant creative subject)

Brighton                                  BBB-CCC

Falmouth                                 120-104

Cardiff Met.                            120-96 (min. 2 A Levels)

Plymouth Coll. of Art             120-96 (art-related subject C)

Aberystwyth                           BBC (Art B)

Bristol UWE                           112

Gloucestershire (Cheltenham) 112/BBC

Kingston                                 112

Leeds Arts Uni.                       112/BBC (1 art-related)

Manchester Met.                     112

Nottingham Trent                   112/BBC

Oxford Brookes                      112/BBC (Art B)

Sheffield Hallam                     112

Southampton Solent                112

Uni. for Creative Arts (Canterbury/Farnham) 112

Bath Spa                                  BBC-BCC (art-related subject B)

Salford                                    (Visual Arts) 112-96

Plymouth                                 104 (min. 2 A Levels, pref. including art/design subjects)

Reading                                   80 + Foundation Diploma [N.B. paid work placement year is available]

Bridgwater + Taunton Coll.    80 (min. 32 from A Level)

Uni. of the Arts (C St Martin’s) CC [vast majority of entrants have Foundation Diploma]

Uni. of the Arts (Chelsea)       CC

Goldsmiths                              EEE [all A Level applicants must do Foundation Diploma]

University Entrance Requirements: About


University Entrance Requirements : A Level

Some universities offer “ab initio” programmes.

Cambridge                  A*AA (Fre. A)                                   

Durham                       AAA (Fre. A)                                     

Oxford                        AAA (Fre. A)                                     

Southampton               (MLang) AAA (Fre. A)                     


Edinburgh                   AAA-ABB (lang.)                             

Birmingham                AAB (Fre.)                             


KCL                            AAB (Fre. A)                                     

St. Andrews                AAB (Fre. A)                                     

UCL                            AAB (Fre. A)                                     

Glasgow                      AAB(-BBB) (1 arts/humanities/lang.)                                   

Southampton               (BA) AAB-ABBa (EPQ) (Fre. A)     

Bath                            (Jt. Hons.) AAB-ABB (1 or 2 langs. A)        

Exeter                          AAB-ABB (Fre.)                                                       

York                            (Jt. Hons.) AAB-ABB (Fre. B)          

Cardiff                        ABB                                       

East Anglia                 (3 yrs.) ABB (Fre. A)                                    

Lancaster                     ABB (Fre.)                                         

Leeds                          ABB (Fre. B)                                     

Leicester                      (Major) ABB (lang., usually Fre.)                             

Manchester                  ABB (GCSE lang. B/6)                     

Nottingham                 ABB (Fre. B)                                     

Queen’s Belfast          ABB (Fre.)                                         

Sheffield                     ABB (lang. B)                                    

Surrey                          (Jt. Hons.) ABB (lang. B)                  


U. of Lond. Inst. (Paris) ABB (Fre.B)                                   

Warwick                      ABB (Fre.)                                         

Bristol                         ABB(-BBC) (Fre. B)                         

Liverpool                     ABB-BBBa(EPQ) (Fre. B)                                        

Aston                          ABB-BBB (Fre. B)    

Newcastle                   ABB-BBB (Fre.)                                

Reading                       ABB-BBB                             

Royal Holloway          ABB-BBB (Fre. B)                            

Strathclyde                  (Yr1) (Jt. Hons.) ABB-BBB (Fre. B)                        


Sussex                         (2 langs.) ABB-BBB (lang. B)          

Aberdeen                    (Yr1) BBB                             

East Anglia                 (4 yrs.) ABB (Fre. B) 

Essex                           BBB                                       

Heriot-Watt                 BBB (Fre.)                             

Kent                            BBB                                       

Queen Mary                (4yrs + 3yrs ,incl.Yr2: U of London Inst Paris) BBB (Fre. B)                                  

Stirling                        (Yr1) BBB                                         

Swansea                      BBB                           

Hull                             112     

Oxford Brookes          (Applied Langs. – 2 langs.) 112/BBC (lang.)            

Sheffield Hallam         (Major) 112

Manchester Met.         112-104 (Fre. B)

Portsmouth                  112-96 (min. 2 A Levels)                                                      

Aberystwyth               BCC (Fre. B)

Nottingham Trent       (Jt. Hons.) 104 (Fre. C)                      

Bangor                        104-96 (usually Fre.)                                     

University Entrance Requirements: About


University Entrance Requirements : A Levels

Cambridge                  (BA) A*AA (some colleges: Geog.) 

Durham                       (BA) A*AA                                       

Oxford                        (BA) A*AA (Geog. highly recommended)   


Birmingham                (MSci) AAA                                      

Durham                       (BSc) AAA (1 sci.)    

Lancaster                     (MSci/MArts) AAA (Geog. A)         

Leeds                          (BA) AAA (pref. Geog. A)                

LSE                             (BA) AAA                                                     

St. Andrews                (MA/BSc) AAA (BSc: 1 sci.)

Sheffield                     (MGeogSci /MGeog) AAA (MGeogSci – 1 sci.; MGeog – 1 soc. sci.)                    

UCL                            (BA/BSc) AAA (Geog. A)                            

Cardiff                        (BSc) (Hum.Geog.) AAA-AAB       


Exeter (Exeter)            (BA/BSc) AAA-AAB (1 hum./soc.sci.)         

Sussex                         (MArts/MSci) AAA-AAB (MSci – 1 sci.)

Bristol                         (BSc) AAA(-ABB)(any subjects) – AAB(-BBB)(in 3 Geog.-related subjects)        

Edinburgh                   (BSc) AAA-ABB (2 from Geog.(pref.)/Ma./Bio./Che./Ph./Geol.)    

                                    (MA) AAA-ABB (pref. inc. Geog.)                                      

Exeter (Cornwall)       (BA/BSc) AAA-ABB           

Birmingham                (BA/BSc) AAB                                  


KCL                            (BA/BSc) AAB                                                          

Lancaster                     (BA/BSc) AAB (Geog.)        

Leeds                          (BSc) AAB (pref. inc. Geog.; otherwise 2 from Ma./Bio./Che./Ph./Geol.)               

Loughborough            (BA/BSc) AAB (Geog.)                                            

Manchester                  (BA/BSc) AAB                                 

Nottingham                 (BA/BSc) AAB (Geog. “or equivalent”)       


Sheffield                     AAB (BSc-1 sci.; BA-1 soc. sci.)      


York                            (MEnv/BSc) (Envtl. Geog.) AAB (Geog./Geol. + preferably 1 sci.)

Glasgow                      (BSc/MA) AAB(-BBB) (BSc - 1 sci.; MA – 1 arts/humanities/lang.)          
                                    (MA(SocSci)) AAB(-BBB) (1 arts/humanities/lang.)                       

Southampton               (BA/BSc) AAB-ABBa (a in EPQ) (Geog.)   


Newcastle                   (BA/BSc) AAB-ABB (Geog.; for BSc, 1 of Ma./Ch./Ph./Bio./Geol.)          

Royal Holloway          (BA/BSc) AAB-ABB                        

Sussex                         (BA/BSc) AAB-ABB (BSc - 1 sci.)                                      

Swansea                      (BA/BSc) AAB-BBB (Geog. or related)                               

Cardiff                        (MESci/BSc) (Envtl. Geog.) ABB (2 scis.)               

Kent                            (BSc) (Human Geog.) ABB

Leicester                      (BA/BSc) ABB                                                          

Queen Mary                (BA/BSc) ABB (Geog. or related subject)    

Bangor                        (MGeog) 128 (Geog. C)

Liverpool                     (BA/BSc) ABB-BBBa(EPQ) (BSc - Geog./sci.)

Aberystwyth               (MSci/BA/BSc) ABB (no Geog.)-BBB (inc. Geog.)

Northumbria                (MGeog/BA/BSc) ABB-BBB

Reading                       (BSc) ABB-BBB (Geog.)                                                                              

Aberdeen                    (MA/BSc) (Yr1) BBB (BSc – inc. 2 scis.)    

East Anglia                 (BA/BSc) BBB (Geog.)

Queen’s, Belfast         (BSc) BBB (usually incl. Geog.)                   

Stirling                        (BSc) (Yr1) (Envtl. Geog.) BBB (1 of Bio./Ch./Env.Sci./Geog./Geol./Ma.)
Heriot-Watt                 (MA/BSc) (Yr1) BBB/ABC  

Dundee                       (MA/BSc) (Yr1) BBB(-BCC) (1 sci. for BSc)

Keele                           (BA/BSc) BBB/ABC (Geog. B or related)

Bangor                        (BA/BSc) 120 (Geog. C)

Nottingham Trent       (MGeog) BBB/120 (Geog. C)           

Portsmouth                  (BA/BSc) 120 (from min. 2 A Levels)          

Manchester Met.         (MGeog) 120-112 (Geog./sci. C)

Brighton                      (MGeog) BBB-BCC (Geog.)                                                            

Bournemouth              (BSc) 120-104 (1 sci. C)                                

Sheffield Hallam         (BSc) 120 (Geog./Env.Sci. C)           

Sheffield Hallam         (BA) 120 (Geog./soc.sci. C)              

Winchester                  (BSc) 120-104

Nottingham Trent       (BSc) BBC/112 (Geog. C)

Bath Spa                      (BSc) BBC-CCC (Geog. or related subject, e.g., Sociol./Pol./Econ., C)

Brighton                      (BA/BSc) BBC-CCC (Geog.)                                    

Bristol UWE               (BA/BSc) 112

Hull                             (BA/BSc) 112                        

Oxford Brookes          (BA/BSc) 112/BBC (Geog. pref.)

Plymouth                     (BA/BSc) 112-108 (from min. 2 A Levels; Geog. C)                                               

Manchester Met.         (BSc) 112-104 (Geog./sci. C)

Kingston                     (BA/BSc) 112-96 (from 2 A Levels, incl.Geog./Geol./Envl. subject C)

Salford                        (BA/BSc) 112-96 (Geog. pref.)                                                                                 

University Entrance Requirements: About


University Entrance Requirements : A Levels

Cambridge                  (Nat. Scis.) (MSci/BA) A*A*A (mostly 3 scis.)       

Leeds                          (MGeol - Intl.) A*AA (2 from Bio./Che./Ma./Ph./Geog.orEnv.Sts./Geol.)  

Oxford                         (MEarthSci/BA) A*AA-AAAA (Ma. + Ch./Phy.; Ch.+Ph. recomm.; Bio./Geol./FMa. helpful)

Imperial  &nb